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My 10 Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes

Just finished watching the Twilight Zone marathon on the Syfy Channel and you know me, I had to make a list.

Here are my 10 favorites (in order):

 10. The Chaser:


A man buys a love potion at a discount in order to win the heart of a woman who is out of his league. Life is good, until the woman falls in love with him too much.

9. Probe 7, Over and Out:

probe 7

An interesting take on the story of Adam and Eve.

8. The Silence:


A very rich man makes a bet with a young and rather chatty member of the country club, that he cannot remain silent for a full year. The young man takes the bet. All I’ll say about this one is: A lot can happen in a year.

7. The Obsolete Man:


In the future obsolete people are executed. And now it’s the librarian’s turn.

6. To Serve Man:


An alien race comes to earth, promising peace and technological advancements. Meanwhile, A linguist and his team attempt to translate the alien’s language, using a discovered alien text, whose title roughly translates to: “To Serve Man”.

5. I Shot an Arrow into the Air:


A crew of astronauts fear that they’ve crashed landed on an asteroid and are now running out of water. Things are getting tense. But jokes on them. They may be closer to Earth than they think.

4. The Midnight Sun:


The sun is getting closer to Earth and the end is near. Or is the Sun moving away from the earth?

3. Time Enough at Last:


A bifocal wearing bookworm inadvertently survives a nuclear war. On the upside, he now has time to read.

2. It’s a Good Life:

its a good life

A kid with powers, sends the members of a small town to an unseen corn field if they don’t think happy thoughts.

1. Twenty Two:


“Room for one more, honey.” A woman recovering from exhaustion in a hospital keeps having the same dream over and over again. In the dream, every night she ventures down to the hospital morgue.

Just missed my list:
Night Call, Living Doll, What You Need